Bruce Finch: Copywriter

From New Zealand to Australia to the UK & back

A mega-experienced creative force driving the successful shifting of units from chocolate to steel to Tony Robbins.

Back when I cared about awards, I won a couple – but for effectiveness not looking pretty.

Ultimately, it’s been about finding the difference that makes the difference – products have shifted from shelves and showrooms, events have booked out, clients have become happy.

Intro Letter


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Websites Click images to read text

Tony Robbins’ best known and most attended event – the one with the firewalk

The day this year’s weekend is over you start selling next year’s – complete site overhaul please...

6 days for 9 grand - Tony’s longest and most expensive event – an emotional marathon

Another perennial requiring annual refreshing of all verbal and visual communication

Databases experience constant attrition – creative techniques are needed to entice new leads

Packaging a selection of Tony wisdom into a complete, multi-faceted program of life strategies

It wasn’t all Tony (whew), a few times a year SRA would launch their own, proprietary events

This example is Business Squared following the model of drawcard headliners plus speakers with a product to spruik

Emails Click images to read text

Over a typical year at SRA I’d say I produced about 150 emails – mostly for Tony’s big 2 events but also concentrated bursts for other, proprietary events {Oh… I also constructed them all, ready for despatch in Marketo]

Some examples of emails for Tony Robbins’ Date with Destiny
Some examples of emails for Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within
Some examples of emails for Inspire & Succeed [featuring Sir Richard Branson]

Print Click images to read text

My experience with print is immense – every conceivable permutation of result-focussed brand, retail or promotional message for press, magazine, outdoor, point-of-sale, brochure, flyer, wobbler etc etc – from high pressure, tight deadline to considered and crafted

Some examples from time at AMBA – brand ads for Hitachi & a taxi launch for Macquarie Bank
Invitation to an exclusive opportunity to join Trump in person, supported by press & digital
The CEO’s welcome letters from a selection of National Achievers Congress workbooks


I’ve scripted countless videos – I include this one not for its quality but for the story behind it


When I joined AMBA as their Creative Director they were in strife over a project for their client, BIG4. They’d been given shedloads of random footage & photos to construct a 4-5 minute video for camping shows. The task had already gone to two outside video production houses who had tried but thrown their hands up in despair.

With virtually no time or budget left AMBA management were up against the wall. So, I brought it in-house. While one of their Mac ops learned Final Cut Pro, I reviewed all the content and wrote a storyboard. Bada bing, bada boom.

Result: On time, on budget, client happy.


Back when I thought awards might matter, I entered a couple of TVCs – they both won, but for effectiveness not looking pretty.

Australian Television Awards Best of Category 1996

Cerebos Fountain Tomato Sauce

Australian Television Awards Category Winner 1996

Cerebos Fountain BBQ Sauce


  • Australia
    08 - 19   Success Resources Australia, Copywriter

    Success Resources is the world’s most successful promoter of professional and personal development programs in the fields of management and leadership, sales and marketing, personal development and wealth creation, to millions of participants worldwide.

    Over my 12-year tenure the Marketing Team went from strength to strength, routinely smashing lofty targets.

  • 05 - 08   AMBA Communications, Creative Director

    BIG4 Holiday Parks, Hitachi, MacQuarie Bank, Mitsubishi Electric & more

  • 98 - 06   Finlay Preece Alliance, Creative Director

    Chocolate and steel, shopping centres and camping shows but mostly... Subaru

  • 98   Euro RSCG, Creative Group Head

    Coca Cola

  • 94 - 97   The Creative Partnership, Art Director

    Arnott’s, Bayer, Cerebos, Colgate Palmolive, Dairy Farmers, Darling Harbour, HPA, I & J Foods, Kelloggs, Maggi, Sydney Marketing Authority, Unilever

  • 91 - 93   Out to Launch, Art Director

    Arnotts, Nestle, Unifoods

  • 89 - 91   Marketing Works, Art Director

    Australia Bank, Barclays Visa, Bayer, Manchester Unity

  • United Kingdom
    87 - 89   Admast, Creative Director

    Company Menswear, Norway Shipping Line, Scottish & Newcastle Breweries

  • Australia
    86 - 87   Yared Perry Dimension, Art Director

    BNP, Schering, Wella


  • Extensive experience in:
  • Websites
  • Emails
  • SEO
  • DM pieces
  • Press ads
  • Outdoor ads
  • TV and radio ads
  • Online banners
  • SMS
  • Blogs
  • Web video
  • PR pieces
  • Brochures
  • Client retention schemes
  • Annual reports
  • & more
  • App proficiency:
  • Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop
  • Google Analytics
  • Crazy Egg
  • I’ve edited videos with iMovie, Quicktime Pro & StreamClip
  • Assembled emails in Marketo
  • Microsoft – primarily Word, Paint, only passing familiarity with PowerPoint & Excel
  • Google Analytics Academy Certificate

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